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MINITRA ENERGY LIMITED is customer focused and technology driven organization offering quality products and services in the areas of Oil & Gas field Equipments, Inspection, Engineering Systems, Products and Instrumentation fundamental extract for process industries worldwide. With changing technologies & infrastructures, we have continued to deliver strategic advice, trainings and professional business services to our customers.   A trusted partner for ‘business’ & ‘technology’ objectives – governance, strategy and structured outcomes in alignment with business requirements.

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We offer experienced and cost effective professional guidance and provide quality independent and confidential services. Our main focus areas: • Non-Destructive Testing - Ultrasonic Testing - Magnetic Particle Testing - Liquid Penetrant Testing - Visual Testing -Radiographic Testing & Film Interpretation • QHSE Management System Services • Welding Inspection


It is generally used for finding sub-surface defects and corrosion mapping (Thickness measurement) .Its typical application is a task of material Integrity approval, e.g. manufactured semi-products (sheet, forging or casting) or welds.


Mainly used to identify surface and near Surface defects and applicable to only ferrous materials. Inspection of steel butt weld is very popular using this method. Other applications include bolts thread inspection and also Propeller Shaft and aerospace parts inspection.


This method is used to find surface defects and is not limited to ferrous materials. Do not require any power source and highly portable and efficient method. It is generally used where MPT cannot be applied i.e. where material is non-ferrous.


It is relatively easy and low in demands. The equipment is used for inspection of just direct and close inaccessible areas, such as tanks, tubes and vessels. Its benefit is a transparency and understandable reported information. We can measure dimensions. Data storage is simple via photo.

VT can be applied everywhere, including object with elevated temperature. Potential Users are Weld Workshops and assembly workplaces.


There are many advantages to radiography including: inspection of a wide variety of material types with   varying density, ability to inspect assembled components, minimum surface preparation required, sensitivity to changes in thickness corrosion, voids, cracks and material density changes, the ability to detect both surface and subsurface defects and the ability to provide a permanent record of the inspection.

MEL NDT Services supplies a complete line of radiographic services for both shop and field applications.   Our staff of qualified, certified, professional radiographers operate within strict safety parameters and   produce high quality radiographs that allow us to utilize our interpretation skills honed through many years of experience to determine if an anomaly is actually a defect or can be accepted per code requirements.

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MEL Personnel and Technicians are Approved by AWS, Cswip, ASNT, Nebosh, Testing, Inspections & Auditing services.

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